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Colin is such a bright young man. I’m looking forward to his future episodes of ColinTalk!

Ryan Kramer

Well researched, informative with intelligent conversations and observations!

Dennis Eric

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Announcement: Upcoming Episodes, Intro & Outro Music, Recording Equipment Upgrades

Hi everyone, I’m happy to announce ColinTalk will have new theme music for the Intro & Outro of the show! Let us know what you think and submit requests through the Contact Us page. Recently we have added to and upgraded our microphone and recording equipment. Now we are able to record panel interviews with … Continue reading Announcement: Upcoming Episodes, Intro & Outro Music, Recording Equipment Upgrades

Ep. 10 – Best Of The ColinTalk Podcast

Episode 10 of ColinTalk features a review of the best moments on ColinTalk. Featuring intriguing commentary from your host, Colin! We will be back next week to debut our new Technology & Net Neutrality Edition with Rick Hermanson next week, so let’s make this the most popular episode yet! Be sure to check out last week’s Fitness Journey with Ryan Kramer and revisit all your favorite moments of the show. Let us know your favorite by writing a review and leaving a comment on the ColinTalk Website!

Ep. 9 – Fitness Journey Special Edition with Ryan Kramer

Episode 9 of ColinTalk features an interview with Ryan Kramer from Workout Anytime Beaverton as we discuss his fitness journey and what brought him into a healthy lifestyle. We also take a look at his personal influences for a healthy lifestyle, the gym community and how the military affected his fitness experience.

Ep. 8 – Fitness Special Edition with Certified Trainers Brittiany & Mclain

Episode 8 of ColinTalk features interviews with a Certified Personal Trainer in Excercise Science, Brittiany Roberts from Workout Anytime Beaverton. We discuss fitness, health, and tips on living a healthy lifestyle through fitness. Remember to check out our previous Lift For The 22 Special Edition and stay tuned for fresh intriguing interviews next week on ColinTalk. Help out the show by leaving us a review on Apple Podcasts to be featured on our website’s testimonials! Check back on our Social Media profiles for frequent updates.

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