Ep. 3 – Senate Health Care, North Korea, Russia & Election, Comey Tapes, Interviews with Nancy, Jon

Episode 3 of ColinTalk features a Week In Review, Interviews and Panel Questions with Nancy and Jon. We discuss our main story, the Senate Health Care Bill, but will it pass? And how will the Senate Health Care Bill affect America? We’re also going to touch on the 21 states Russia hacked during the election, President Trump & James Comey’s supposedly taped private conversations, President Trump’s response, and more information regarding North Korea & the treatment of Otto Warmbier.

Producer & Editing: Colin Fracasso-Boone, Paul
Graphic Design: Colin Fracasso-Boone, Sketch App
Descriptions & Info: Colin Fracasso-Boone
Panel Interviewees: Nancy, Jon
Information, Questions: Panel Interviewees and Multiple News Sources

We’ll have more great content for you next weekend, so let us know if they’re is anything you would like us to feature on the show. Thanks to our fans and user base for promoting ColinTalk! Be sure to check us out on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, TuneIn, and Soundcloud for an episode every Sunday! Please share ColinTalk and leave us some feedback and reviews on Apple Podcasts and Google Play. We’ll see you next week!

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