Announcement: Our New Site, Blog, Equipment Upgrades, Social Media and Podcast Feed Updates

Introducing the new ColinTalk Blog!  First, I just wanted to say our podcast finally got accepted to Google Play.  We will post announcements for special, upcoming shows and news updates on the progress we are making in the podcasting enterprise.

Today, I am happy to announce we will be migrating our current RSS feed for Apple Podcasts, Google Play, TuneIn and all other podcasting services to our new website’s podcasting service, so we will be able to handle more shows in the future.  We are also focusing more on social media promotion using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

We have made new improvements to the audio quality in our studio including a new microphone and professional software.  Although we are making efforts to improve our listeners experience and ease of access, we need your to help promote and share the podcast with friends, family and the world, so please help us out!  We are currently writing the script for this weekend’s episode and deciding who our panel members will be.  Thanks for your support!



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