Ep. 5 – Trump & G20 Summit, Intelligence Agencies, North Korea

Episode 5 of ColinTalk features an in-depth discussion about our main story, North Korea, we also discuss Trump and his beliefs regarding the 17 Intelligence Agencies conclusion on Russia. Sorry for the short show this week, which contains no interviews but we will be back next week with a full edition. We promise this was in preparation and coordination of Special Edition Episodes 7 and 8, including a Lift For The 22 Special Edition and an introduction of a new Tech Edition. Elaboration on these Episodes and previews will be coming in an upcoming Announcement, so check back to our website frequently.

We’ll be back next week for a full episode of ColinTalk with exciting Panel Interviews. Stay tuned for an announcement midweek about the state of future episodes as well as special editions like a Tech Edition and an exciting interview regarding Lift For The 22!


Producer & Editing: Colin Fracasso-Boone

Graphic Design: Colin Fracasso-Boone, Sketch App

Descriptions & Info: Colin Fracasso-Boone

Panel Interviewees: None, but we’ll be back with a full episode next week!

Music: Bensound

Information, Questions: Panel Interviewees and Multiple News Sources

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