Announcement: Improvments, Promos, Upcoming Episodes with Lift For The 22 & The First Tech Edition

We are proud to announce our new Rockville & Focusrite microphone equipment is being featured in Episode 5 as well as future episodes. So our listeners will definitely notice a vast improvement in audio quality from here on out!

Our first Tech Edition will be out in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for updates on our social media and our blog. Please reach out to us about our panel and interviewees to be on the show. We can always use new people for interviews on the show so listeners can have a fresh take on many topics and current events.

Our most exciting episodes are coming soon, such as our first special edition featuring the wonderful organization that helps veterans, Lift For The 22. We have interviews prepared for these episodes with CEO and founder of Lift For The 22, Carter Davis as well as veteran Ryan Kramer. Remember to visit and support them by buying apparel or sponsor a veteran by donating a membership. This opportunity will bring more promotion and publicity from Lift For The 22!

Lastly, help us reach 30 Reviews on Apple Podcasts, it would be one of our greatest achievements to be featured on the New & Noteworthy section. Keep in mind we only have a few more weeks to reach 30 Reviews or Star Ratings so even just a quick 5 Star Rating is appreciated and helpful to the show! Let us know what topics you would like to hear about and any feedback about the podcast on the Contact Us page.



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