Ep. 8 – Fitness Special Edition with Certified Trainers Brittiany & Mclain

Episode 8 of ColinTalk features interviews with Certified Personal Trainers Brittiany Roberts, who is certified in exercise science & Mclain Leonard, a personal trainer from Workout Anytime Beaverton. We discuss fitness, health, and tips on living a healthy lifestyle through fitness.

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Producer & Editing: Colin Fracasso-Boone

Graphic Design: Colin Fracasso-Boone, Sketch App

Descriptions & Info: Colin Fracasso-Boone

Panel Interviewees: Trainers Brittiany Roberts & Mclain Leonard from Workout Anytime Beaverton

Music: Rock ’N’ Roll, credits to Bensound

Information, Questions: Panel Interviewees and Multiple News Sources


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