Announcement: Upcoming Episodes, Intro & Outro Music, Recording Equipment Upgrades

Hi everyone, I’m happy to announce ColinTalk will have new theme music for the Intro & Outro of the show! Let us know what you think and submit requests through the Contact Us page.

Recently we have added to and upgraded our microphone and recording equipment. Now we are able to record panel interviews with two microphones and our Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 for better audio vibrancy with more people. These improvements will debut along with our first Tech Edition in Ep. 11 coming this weekend!

I am looking forward to working with Workout Anytime for future Fitness Editions and possible advertising in the gym. Please Contact Us for sponsorship requests.

Also, we have been building on the variety of topics we discuss such as Health, Fitness and politics. Our newest edition, debuting this weekend, our Tech Edition! We plan to have the Fitness Journey, Best Of and Tech Editions be recurring every few episodes we produce. Hopefully we can welcome a new Photography Edition and Real Estate Edition to our collection of episodes later this month with new special guests. More details to come later on this month for the Photography Edition, and the Real Estate Edition is right around the corner, so stay tuned for upcoming announcements!

We recently reached Episode 10, a major benchmark for the ColinTalk Podcast! Thanks for sticking with us and please let us know what we can improve on through the Contact Us page. As always, please inquire about available panel opportunities through our Contact Us page and share ColinTalk with friends and family!

Thanks, Colin

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