Announcement: Upcoming Episode with Andrew O’Brien, Social Media Promotion & Website Updates


Today, I’m pleased to announce this weekend will be the debut of our biggest episode yet, which features an interview with Veteran Andrew O’Brien from Austin, Texas! We will be discussing his many organizations including The Warriors Council, The Vetreprenuers Tribe, The Welcome Your Soldier Home Project & The Publicity Guy! Check back Friday for the episode debut!

Starting this weekend we will be promoting the podcast through Instagram & Facebook for a week. Hopefully we will grow our user base and reach a wider audience through these promotions.

Our website will be gradually receiving some improvements to useability and ease of navigation. The comments section will be improved and instructions for writing testimonials and reviews will become clearer. This will hopefully bring growth in testimonials and more smooth navigation for all users!

In September, we will debut our Photography Edition with Nick Brumfield, Real Estate Edition and a new Fitness Journey Edition, featuring an Olympic Athlete.

Lastly, I encourage you to reach out in the Contact page for interview availibility. As always, please take the time to leave a review on the Testimonials & Reviews page or in the comments section to be featured on our home page!



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