Ep. 16 – Photography Edition with Nick Brumfield

Episode 16 of ColinTalk features an interview with Nick Brumfield, CEO & Founder of Digital Cloud Photography in Portland, Oregon. We discuss Nick’s journey into photography and how he came to make the Digital Cloud. He also shares tips and tricks everyone can use for taking stunning, attractive photos on professional cameras or by using the camera on your mobile device!


Producer & Editing: Colin Fracasso-Boone

Graphic Design: Colin Fracasso-Boone, Sketch App

Descriptions & Info: Colin Fracasso-Boone

Panel Interviewees: Nick Brumfield

Music: Bensound

Information, Questions: Panel Interviewees and Multiple Sources

2 thoughts on “Ep. 16 – Photography Edition with Nick Brumfield

  1. Hi Colin,

    I’m trying to forward your blog posts to an IPhone user. Should I be using a different link?

    Really enjoying your shows!!! Tell your mom “hello!” from me!

    Hugs, Kathi

  2. Colin’s podcasts are informative and timely. They are about topics that are in the news and on the top of people’s minds. The questions he asks his guests are helpful in the understanding for those who may not be familiar with the topic at hand. Well done Colin, keep them coming!!!

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