Episodes & Announcements

Ep. 18 ~ Real Estate Edition with Katie Fracasso – Co-Owner of Twin Team Reality

Episode 18 of ColinTalk features an interview with Katie Fracasso, a real estate broker and co-owner of Twin Team Reality from Portland, Oregon as Katie gives us an in-depth analysis on the modern housing market, as well as recommendations for someone looking to buy a home. We also touch on the dramatically increasing prices in the housing market, trends, and some of the reasons people are increasingly seeking ethically, more environmentally friendly housing!

Ep. 16 – Photography Edition with Nick Brumfield

Episode 16 of ColinTalk features an interview with Nick Brumfield, CEO & Founder of Digital Cloud Photography in Portland, Oregon. We discuss Nick’s journey into photography and how he came to make the Digital Cloud. He also shares tips and tricks everyone can use for taking stunning, attractive photos on professional cameras or by using the camera on your mobile device!

Ep. 15 – Apple’s September 2017 Event Analysis & Tech Edition with Rick Hermanson

Episode 15 of ColinTalk features an interview with Certified Apple Consultant Rick Hermanson, Owner of Brightstone Macintosh Consulting from Portland, Oregon, as we give you a full in-depth analysis on the Apple September 2017 Special Event! We will also discuss all new products that were released such as iPhone 8 & 8 Plus, iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K. Plus, we analyze how macOS, iOS, watchOS & tvOS all benefit from all the new products and hardware revealed at this Apple September 2017 Special Event.