Episodes & Announcements

Ep. 13 – Veteran Edition with Special Guest Andrew O’Brien, Warriors Council

Episode 13 of ColinTalk features an interview with Andrew O’Brien, creator of the Vetreprenuers Tribe, The Publicity Guy, The Welcome Your Soldier Home Project & The Warriors Council. Co-hosting with me for this episode, Veteran Ryan Kramer! We discuss Andrew O'Brien's organizations and their impact on the veteran community.

Announcement: Upcoming Episode with Andrew O’Brien, Social Media Promotion & Website Updates

Today I'm pleased to announce this weekend will be the debut of our biggest episode yet, which features an interview with Veteran Andrew O'Brien from Austin, Texas! We will be discussing his many organizations including The Warriors Council, The Vetreprenuers Tribe, The Welcome Your Soldier Home Project, & The Publicity Guy! Check back Friday for the episode debut!