WWDC 18: Discussing Apple’s Latest Software with Rick, Lynn & Scott

Welcome back to ColinTalk! Our hiatus is now over with Episode 25! In this episode we take an in-depth look at Apple's WWDC 18 with Colin, Rick Hermanson, Lynn & Scott from the perspective of a Swift app developer and Certified Mac Consultants. We discuss iOS 12, macOS Mojave, watchOS 5, and tvOS 12's new features, additions and preformance improvements.

Ep. 24 ~ The Opioid Epidemic In America with Dr. Jim Shames & Laura Heesacker

Episode 24 of ColinTalk takes an in-depth look at the opioid epidemic in America, what initiatives we can take as a community, what work is going on, how anybody can help, and what President Trump is doing about it. (Hint: He’s not doing much of anything.) Our outstanding panel for this episode features Dr. Jim Shames, The Medical Director at Jackson County Public Health, and Laura Heesacker, The Behavioral Health Innovation Specialist for Jackson Care Connect who was recently honored as an outstanding ambassador through Lines of Life, an organization dedicated to preventing substance abuse and suicide.  We discuss some fantastic work going on in the Jackson County region of Oregon where their collaborative efforts are really making a difference on the serious opioid issues in and around our communities… and even worldwide.

Ep. 23 ~ Fitness Journey Special Edition with Rick Hascall – Owner of Workout Anytime Beaverton & Former Law Enforcement Officer

Episode 23 of ColinTalk features an interview with Rick Hascall, the owner of Workout Anytime Beaverton as he explains his inspiration for becoming the owner of a gym as well as Rick's journey through law enforcement and how being a Law Enforcement Officer helped him to achieve his goals in life. We also discuss Rick's journey through the Portland Police Department, FBI, Special Emergency Reaction Team (SWAT) and the Regional Organized Crime Narcotics Task Force (ROCN).

Ep. 22 ~ Protecting your Online Privacy & Security with Daniel Davis from DuckDuckGo

Episode 22 of ColinTalk features an interview with Daniel Davis, the Community Manager from DuckDuckGo as he gives us an insight on how to protect your privacy and security to stay safe online. He also touches on how the open-source search engine DuckDuckGo can help you take a stand for your internet privacy. Check out the DuckDuckGo Blog for more strategies and information to keep you safe online as well as moving away from using less private search engines like Google. Show your support for DuckDuckGo and spread privacy by tweeting #ComeToTheDuckSide.