Ep. 21 ~ Net Neutrality & the FCC with Jon Perri from Change.org

Episode 21 of ColinTalk features an interview with Jon Perri, the Director of Campaigns & Partnerships at Change.org, as he gives us an insight on the FCC’s proposal to move Net Neutrality to a different legal footing, from Title l to Title ll, the impact that could have on Americans and our online freedom. To learn more, sign the petition to keep Net Neutrality, and call your congressmen to speak out against the FCC to keep Net Neutrality in place, please visit Change.org, Battle For The Net, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation!

Ep. 19 ~ Education Edition with Emily Price

Our first Education Edition of ColinTalk features an interview with Emily Price, a 7th Grade Humanities teacher at Conestoga Middle School with a psychology degree. We discuss her story of becoming a teacher, how she utilizes her psychology skills in the classroom, student leadership skills, inspiring students, our current education system, and the challenges of teaching. Plus, I was convinced by Emily to include an all-new word association 'lightning round!'

Ep. 18 ~ Real Estate Edition with Katie Fracasso – Co-Owner of Twin Team Reality

Episode 18 of ColinTalk features an interview with Katie Fracasso, a real estate broker and co-owner of Twin Team Reality from Portland, Oregon as Katie gives us an in-depth analysis on the modern housing market, as well as recommendations for someone looking to buy a home. We also touch on the dramatically increasing prices in the housing market, trends, and some of the reasons people are increasingly seeking ethically, more environmentally friendly housing!